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Find your top range stainless steel or glass balcony


Compliment your house further with our quality range of steel and glass products that fit all budgets. Wherever you use your space for work, relaxation or entertainment, we are sure to make that space a little bit more special.


discover the beauty of our balconies

We stand for budget friendly solutions for everyday needs

Since there are so many different types of Juliet balconies, the possibilities for designs are nearly unlimited. The vast majority fall into one of three basic groups: contemporary, conventional, or curved. We provide a variety of balcony choices, including the provision of structural pillars where needed along with glass requirements. This benefit of added value to the property is substantial and our very competitive costs always prove to be a winning combination. 


As our company specializes in the production of stainless steels products, we are making the most of different structures; roofs, fences and furniture are all available. Within these we also combine steel, wood and glass for a refurbished and practical design to suit our clients needs. ​With every order we provide professional advice and free of charge project evaluations as commissioned by the client.