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Frameless Glass

Clean and Practical. 


Frameless Glass

Our Frameless Glass balustrades are a perfect architectural design feature that is used across interior and exterior settings to provide an unfiltered transparent view beyond. We operate with toughened laminate glass which ensures an additional layer of security with our seamless balustrades. 

Sometimes less is more. As to maintain your glass balustrades, we simply advise to regularly clean the surface with warm soapy water and soft cloth. 

Recommended locations:

  • Outdoor Garden Patios

  • Officer and Internal Stairwells

  • Shopping Malls

  • Decking Areas

  • Communal Space

We apply the VSG laminated glass i.e. safe and ESG toughened glass depending on the type of balustrade, thickness of 6 mm to 24 mm.  As a a high-tech solution, it is very practical for security reasons therefore durability is guaranteed. We fix glass point-wise, clamps and in profiles of easy system Glass.


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All-Purpose Assembly

The ultimate contemporary balustrade the compliments pale and modern architecture. Seamless glass panel transition offers a panoramic view in exterior settings allow you to enjoy the sight from your balcony. 


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