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Glass canopies

Expertly crafted for your everyday needs

Glass canopies are one of the most popular on the current market. Through the utilization of current industry standard design and fabrication technology, our glass products are second to none. Our factories boast the latest technology meaning we can effectively complete projects with high accuracy and prompt service. 

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Get in touch with one of our experts regarding your desired product and specifications. 

Pre-visualization + Design

Our design team will visualize your order in AutoCAD and make sure you are happy.


Your bespoken order will be promptly delivered no matter where you are based!


Our expert team will fit the product in accordance to your needs.

Customer Satisfaction

Our project is only finished under the condition that YOU are satisfied. 

Glass canopy

Add a touch of elegance to the entrance of your property.  They further supply the illusion of space, open air and increased value of property. Glass is toughened and laminated.

Glass maintenance is extremely simple with the addition of warm water and or glass cleaner with a delicate soft cloth. As to prevent build up of dirt and smudges, we recommend a good clean once every month.

  • Apartments

  • Hospitals

  • Domestic Housing

  • Bars and Restaurants

  • Hotels

Anything we design abides by document K for domestic purposes under the current UK Building Regulations as to make sure your project gets accepted. For further information regarding this product refer to the table below.

Ideal for:


  • Our system kits are simple to assemble with a decent degree of DIY knowledge.

  • Necessary information for installation will be provided, if further help is needed we are simply one call away.

  • We also professionally quote on multiple purchases and bespoken products.



All-Purpose Assembly

 We offer all things stainless steel and further. We have built up a reputation of trustworthy and a dedicated company that strives for architectural greatness in all projects we perform. Rest assured that each project is granted equal care and attention as any other, with our departments working overtime to meet our constant demand. The infrastructure we create benefit from our vast and great team of workers that aim to call it a job well done.


Unlike majority of other property improvement companies, we believe you should see your homes potential design without the need to wait. That is why our experts used industry standard software to envision your bespoken products on your property 

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