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Rod Wire.

Solid and Bold


Rod Wire balustrade

Rod wires add a stylish, functional and contemporary appeal to interior and exterior settings alike. With bold and sturdy appearance, they are sure become a valued asset in complimenting any household. Our stainless steel is of highest quality on the market, with extreme versatility and hard wearing surfaces that ultimately delivery an outstanding service. 

We advise a thorough clean two-three times a year the maintain the aesthetic appeal of your stainless steel.

Recommended locations:

  • Outdoor Patios

  • Interior Stairwells

  • Arch Bridges

  • Decking Areas

  • Communal Space


For further information, please refer to the table below.

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Customer Satisfaction

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All-Purpose Assembly

The natural nature and hardened appearance of the rod wire allows the balustrades to fit many every day locations and scenarios. Sturdy and bold, there is no greater material construct that builds up and image of modern realism. 


Unlike majority of other property improvement companies, we believe you should see your homes potential design without the need to wait. That is why our experts used industry standard software to envision your bespoken products on your property 

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